About Us

Overrated is a film podcast released every two weeks. In each episode, Joe or Alan will begin by selecting a film they believe has been given undeserved praise and recognition by audiences and critics alike. The second part of each podcast will focus on a film recommendation that contains similar themes or concepts, but simply works better.


About Joe

Having been officially diagnosed with chronic cinephilia and acute paracinemania from a very young age, Joe can’t stop watching and talking about movies. From cult classics, indie, foreign films and art house cinema to the biggest Hollywood popcorn flicks, he is always looking for his next cinematic fix wherever he can get it!


About Alan

Alan’s experience in cinema includes being an extra in one feature film, and doing voice work in another. He also used to work in a video store. With these credentials, and an overwhelming amount of hubris, Alan approached his friend Joe to start a movie podcast, and Overrated was born.

Special thanks to Alessandro Allegranza for composing the Overrated Podcast theme music. Anyone interested in commissioning an original musical composition from him can contact: alessandro.allegranza@gmail.com